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Lucid Brewing



DUO is a double hopped sledgehammer. Sky high IBUs hammer your palate and break down your beer boundaries with each face-slapping sip. Great beer from the North that is far from Minnesota Nice!



AirLucid Air

AIR uses a blend of the palest malted barley and wheat combined with a mix of American hops give this beer a sweet citrus aroma with hints of malt graininess. The smooth, light body is effervescent and finishes clean and crisp. Filtered to perfection, this beer is great for the boat, sitting around the campfire, and everyday enjoyment.


DynoLucid Dyno

A crisp aroma and flavor come from late additions of hops taken from the Pacific Northwest. The unique blend of hops lend to aromas of tangerine, pine, and fresh
cut flowers. Late hop additions allows us to present a sigficant aroma and flavor
with balanced bitterness.


FotoLucid Foto

Late hops, dry hops, hops, hops, and more hops create a power citrus aroma and flavor. We use a whopping 4# per keg to create a delicious explosion. The late hopping process in FOTO allow this beer to present the full flavor and aroma of the selected hops without creating an overly bitter experience.


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