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Odell Brewing Company, Fort Collins Style: India Pale Ale ABV: 7 percent Serving Type: 12-ounce bottle Malty/Hoppy? A hefty dose of aromatic hops and a hint of malt. Reviewed: June 2012 How's this for an endorsement? We friggin' love this …
So, I’m not going to spend a ton of time reviewing this beer from Odell, because I think my past reviews will indicate how I feel about this. I’ve never had a bad beer from the folks at Odell, I think their label art is swell, and I reach for IPAs about 75% of the time. Therefore, it …
craft, hop, hopothermia, ipa, double ipa
From Alaskan Brewing  - Much of the history of Hopothermia is lost to the mists of time. We know that the windswept lone brewer dreamt of a Double IPA so bold and packed full of hop flavor that it could keep the wild wolves from the door of his remote cabin. We know he was able to …
craft, 10, barrel, beer, brewing, joe, ipa
From www.beeradvocate.com pianoguy, May 21, 2017 10 Barrel Brewing Joe IPA 12 oz bottle. Bottled on April 20th (30 days old) Pours a cloudy golden body with a white head. A little thin lacing. Some retention Smell is earthy, funky and very prominent. In some ways the funky-ness reminds me of the …