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Odell Brewer Joe Mohrfeld Talks Beer

Posted : 2011-10-19

Our trip to the first ever national (some say even international since we had a bloke from the U.K. with us) Beer Bloggers Conference was a terrific experience. During this weekend of learning, sharing, and quaffing bloggers and industry folk congregated to extend our scope in a multifaceted effort to nurture and cultivate skills within our trade. Earlier we listed some of the highlights of the weekend, and undoubtedly, one of the pinnacles was trying new beer and acquainting ourselves with the folks who facilitate many palatable offerings. One particular noteworthy encounter was getting to sample some new to market releases like Breckenridge Brewery’s Christmas Ale, Stone Brewing’s Lukcy Bastartd Ale, and Odell Brewing’s Double Black IPA (Cascadian Dark Ale to those in the Pacific Northwest region). During a speed blogging event, we met many talented and impassioned reps and brewers. One of these good folks was Odell brewer Joe Mohrfeld.



Odell's brewer Joe Mohrfeld keeping a watchful eye on the boil