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Celebrating our AOE Ambassadors!

Posted : 2017-12-18

Celebrating our AOE Ambassadors!

Over the past 7 months, we welcomed Five 2016 AOE Ambassadors into the elite family of Anheuser-Busch Wholesalers that have achieved Ambassador Status.

These Wholesalers were:

Matt Funchion Penn Beer Sales & Service-Philadelphia, PA

Steve Reale Northern Eagle Beverage-Carlstadt, NJ

John Saputo Gold Coast Eagle Distributing-Sarasota, FL

Nick Makris & Duke Fakouri MK Distributors-Pine Bluff, AR

Chip Romer RomerBeverage-Yuma, AZ

The AOE program focuses the entire company on driving sales and execution of our commercial plan across the entire U.S. Wholesaler system. Our Wholesalers use AOE to solidify routines and processes as well as to identify opportunities and close gaps in over 500,000 retail accounts nationally.  

AOE builds on our mutual strengths of planning and execution, and magnifies our will to win and our mission to never be completely satisfied with results. At A-B, we utilize the AOE program as a vehicle to recognize and reward the achievements of our top performing Wholesalers!

Within every program, leaders emerge.  The leaders within AOE are known as Ambassadors.  A leader among his Wholesaler peers who is focused on the right efforts, inspires hard work in his team, is committed to go the extra mile, and above all, is motivated to win. 

An Ambassador is someone who leads by example and knows full well the value and power of teamwork.  The road to becoming an AOE Ambassador is not an easy path to follow.  To be recognized as an Ambassador, a Wholesaler must achieve Gold Level status three out of five years of the program.  This means a wholesaler must score 900 out of a possible 1,000 points three of five years! There are over 450 wholesalers throughout the U.S. and with this recent class, there are now a total 23 Ambassador Wholesalers.

The celebration includes an opportunity to have the World Famous Clydesdales make an appearance, featuring them in a variety of community appearances.  In addition, there are trade calls thanking retail partners for their support and a major celebration attended by Wholesaler employees, local officials and retail partners, where the EAM is awarded his Red Ambassador Jacket and the Big Jake statue.

Benefits of being an Ambassador also include VIP treatment at key company events as well as invitations to amazing experiences like the Super Bowl!