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10 Barrel Joe IPA

Posted : 2018-02-06

From www.beeradvocate.com pianoguy, May 21, 2017

10 Barrel Brewing Joe IPA

12 oz bottle. Bottled on April 20th (30 days old)

Pours a cloudy golden body with a white head. A little thin lacing. Some retention

Smell is earthy, funky and very prominent. In some ways the funky-ness reminds me of the smell of New Belgium's Rampant or Ranger (the old versions) but much more prominent. I'm a sucker for a prominent smelling beer and I do like that smell. So I am going to roll out a rare (for me these days).

Taste follows somewhat, but the main thing I am getting is a really nice bitterness. . After every sip I made that "ahh"... beer drinking satisfied sound. I wrestled with a 4.75 but have to give it a 5.00 The bitterness is that good!!

Crisp light feel is very nice.

Overall: Don't know if part if this is because it's 30 days old but I like this beer a lot. This one is a keeper!!

ABV: 6.9%

IBU’s: 70