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Beer Reviews

Posted 2010-10-11
How's it possible I've never been to a supper club?  I spent the first 23 years of my life in Michigan and have lived in Wisconsin for more than a decade, but I've yet to partake in this most quintessential Midwestern experience.  Maybe it’s because I’ve …
Posted 2010-08-30
 On August 2, 2010, in IPA, by adminThe Goose is loose in Big D! Run don’t waddle to your closest beer store and pick up a twelver of Goose Island IPA. I know twelver is not a word but a sixer, while being pretty great, leaves you wanting more. We have tasted many IPA’s …
Posted 2010-08-02
By BarleyBlog | July 27th, 2010Redhook’s Limited series has produced some memorable and tasty brews the last couple of years. Of the two that I was able to experience, I thought theTripel was tasty and I absolutely loved the Treblehook Barley Wine.I was obviously excited …
Posted 2010-06-29
- APPEARANCE: Shiny copper penny color, brilliant clarity, with a fluffy egg shell white head.   - AROMA: Spicy hop nose notes with considerable bitterness moves to a mildly sweet malt middle with lingering hop bitterness.       - MOUTHFEEL: Medium …