Beer distribution is much more than simply delivering beer. As a distributor we are in constant contact with retailers educating them about the availability and quality of beers from around the world. As new brewers and products enter the market distributors create demand by investing time and money educating and promoting these products to retailers and consumers. We work closely to develop orders by assessing inventory to ensure that it is adequate to meet consumer needs. Freshness is another key area of concern for us as a beer distributor monitoring code dates and replacing old product to ensure that consumers receive the safest and best tasting product possible.

How the process works. Beer distributors working closely with brewers forecast sales and order beer anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months in advance doing our best to anticipate consumer needs. This forecasting and ordering happens on a daily basis reviewing brand and items sales trends to acquire just the right amount of beer. Once the beer is brewed and packaged it is shipped to local distributors thereby reducing brewers’ capital requirements. The beer arrives at the distributor’s warehouse and is stored in temperature controlled warehouses to ensure product freshness. Because this warehousing and delivery is done locally, retailer inventory is kept to a minimum and the costs associated with beer storage are significantly lowered. Additionally, most retailers receive next day or even same day delivery this helps to maintain product freshness for consumers.

A successful beer distributor needs a variety of talented employees. From warehouse personnel, sales people and marketing professionals to delivery drivers, management and logistics personnel, beer distributing is rapidly developing into a technologically savvy industry. A number of skill sets are needed to keep this business operating everyday.